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Frequently asked questions about dental health

At what age should I start bringing my child for regular dental checkups?

It is advisable to bring them in at an early age to get familiar with the dental environment.   We recommened children start attending at around 2 years of age unless you have any concerns prior to this. 

When should I take my child to the orthodontist?

Here at Bentleigh Family Dental, our dentists will advise you of the best time to consult an orthodontist.  Usually this is once all the baby teeth are lost, however in some cases early orthodontic intervention may be required.  Therefore, it is best to have 6 monthly checkups so that we can monitor your child's dental development.

Should I have my amalgam (silver) fillings removed due to the mercury content?


Amalgam is not the same as mercury.  There is mercury in amalgam, but not in pure form as it is bound with silver, tin and copper. Once the amalgam filling has set, there is no liquid mercury present, and it does not present a health risk.  Replacing any filling unnecessarily results in additional tooth substance loss, weakening the tooth structure.

Are dental x-rays safe?


The amount of radiation used to obtain routine dental x-rays is very small.  As a comparison, you would be exposed to 0.5% of the radiation that you would receive on a flight from Sydney to Perth.  Dental x-rays help to detect early tooth decay that develops between the teeth or under fillings, the extent of periodontal (gum) disease and other oral pathology.


Are there any adverse health effects associated with water fluoridation?


Drinking optimally fluoridated water is not harmful to human health.  Systematic reviews conducted in Australia and overseas consistently report that scientific evidence does not support an association between water fluoridation and any adverse health effect.


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